Silent Cities presents Mat Hennek’s portraits of some of the world’s great cities—from New York, Los Angeles and London, to Tokyo, Munich and Abu Dhabi—yet all curiously lacking people. Conceived and constructed by man as vessels for human activity, these metropolises are transformed by Hennek into monuments of silence: empty, sometimes eerie sites for rituals of work and recreation that are yet to take place. Whether the shimmering windows of a Dallas office building, a lush Hong Kong garden of palms, blooms and fountains, the famed pastel terraced facades of Monaco, or rows of trolleys outside the concrete bulk of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, Hennek’s pictures demonstrate a consistent formal rigor and recast familiar environments as new sources for focus and reflection. »

96 pages, 80 images

Hardback / Clothbound
29 x 32 cm


ISBN 978-3-95829-655-8
1. Edition 04/2020

Prophetic Images of an Empty World From Before the Pandemic

Empty streets. Abandoned city squares. Silent airports. The images made by German-born photographer Mat Hennek instantly evoke the Covid-19 pandemic that has shut down most of the world. Actually, though, Hennek began working on his Silent Cities series in 2013. The publication of a book of the images earlier this month is pure coincidence-the project was years in the making.

The Force of the Missing – review of “Silent Cities” by Mat Hennek

reat photography, like great literature or dance or music or art of any sort, is more idea than anything else. Technique without vision is sterile and cold. A good idea shapes the content and provides an initial way of understanding. A good idea is the aesthetic bridge between photographer and audience.

Woodlands – Mat Hennek

Published April 2017 by Steidl In Woodlands Mat Hennek presents genuine portraits of trees, the results of numerous hikes through various forests in Europe and the USA. Hennek sets out to discover extraordinary places in remote and often difficult to access areas, traveling on the road beyond human civilization for days. He removes spatial landmarks, alternately erasing the ground and horizon to unhinge any sense of direction. Light and shadow, pattern and structure build up to an impressionistic hymn—infinite, without a center, without beginning or end. Hennek presents the woods as a divine, mystical architecture which we experience as well as see. Through a graphic style that sublimates the landscape into pure abstraction, he eliminates the border between painting and photography, revealing the soul of a landscape—one that is unique, indivisible and an integral part of nature.

66 pages, 28 images Four-color process Clothbound 31.2 x 32 cm English ISBN 978-3-95829-178-2 1. Edition 04/2017 More information:

Read article about Gerhard Steidl and his work published in The New Yorker on May 22, 2017. The article features photographs captured during the production of Mat Hennek’s art book “Woodlands”: 


The Man Making Books an Art Form

The University of Göttingen, in Germany, owns one of the world’s rarest books: an intact Gutenberg Bible. When Gerhard Steidl, a printer and publisher of photography books, was growing up in Göttingen, in the nineteen-fifties and sixties, the book-one of only twenty surviving complete copies, and one of only four printed on vellum, rather than on paper-was sometimes on display at the university’s library.

Paris Photo by Karl Lagerfeld


Paris Photo is the world’s largest art fair dedicated to photography and annually attracts thousands of artists, professionals, collectors and enthusiasts to Paris’ Grand Palais. Over 180 galleries and publishers present a comprehensive historical panorama of photography, from vintage prints to the latest contemporary works and everything in between. But how are we to best navigate this almost overwhelming photographic bounty?

Paris Photo by Karl Lagerfeld provides the answer by presenting Karl Lagerfeld’s personal selection of his favorite photos from the thousands on show at this year’s fair. We are thus able to “visit” Paris Photo as if in Lagerfeld’s own company, and enjoy his curated perspective that is shaped by his decades of experience as a photographer, photobook publisher and book dealer.

Mat Hennek is represented within this book with five artworks from his acclaimed fine art photography series Woodlands.